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Pick The Latest And Trending Design Of Car Shades!

The UAE experiences mild winters and sweltering summers. Most days are pleasant and warm, except in the middle of summer. However, the unbearable afternoon heat occurs during the summer when the temperature is exceptionally high. It is essential to look for Car Parking Shades Suppliers in Saudi Arabia. High temperatures can immediately impact your car because it is susceptible to harsh conditions. If you park your car on the side of the road in the sun, it damages your article’s well-being. With our collection of car shades, you can choose and utilize the right parking shade.

Types And Designs Of The Car Shades!

The various designs and types offered by us can genuinely help you in finding the right shade for you; here are the top three strategies that we refer to:-

Cantilever Parking Shade

The distinctive and cutting-edge car shade provides guests from residential and commercial establishments with aesthetically pleasing modern car park shades. We offer wave crest and cantilever designs that accommodate various tensile structures. Shade structures made of cantilevers are strong and can be used for multiple parking applications. You can find stopping conceals in different textures and varieties that give more prominent assurance and improve the magnificence of your current circumstance.

Arches Shades

This kind of shade for parking lots works well for offices and homes where there isn’t much space between them. The arch shades provide optimal parking lot cover while complementing any architectural design. The tension construction and high-quality textiles make the arch shades solid and valuable. The curve configuration shade can be an ideal substitute for the standard cantilever vehicle leaving concealment, whether you need to keep your vehicle’s gleaming appearance, keep the windscreen from breaking, or lower the intensity in the car.

Umbrella Shades

Under the canopy area, there is room for two cars and a single post for this shade. However, we can easily modify the shades to accommodate additional automobiles based on your requirements.


Keep in mind that having safe parking with a car shade makes your property look much better and lets you keep your car in good shape for a long time. It sells a wide range of parking shade options in various sizes and specifications that can be made to fit your needs. Shade structures are affordable and offer several advantages, including the capacity to withstand severe weather, a longer lifespan, and high quality. At Zouq Al-Khayal Steel Company, we tend to provide top-notch quality and offer various designs that have helped us to become the leading Car Parking Shades Suppliers in Saudi Arabia, with assortments that would help our customers to choose from.

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