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Get High-Quality Mahrabiya Designs At Affordable Prices

Mashrabiya, or perforated screens, is a renowned design strategy that enhances any area, whether it is indoor or outdoor. Even if the patterns of these ornamental panels have become strong enough to stand alone, your home will benefit more by including Zouq Al-Khayal Arabic-inspired mashrabiya decor. Having a modern home in Riyadh, you can naturally combine these panels with conventional or modern elements.

Our delicate mashrabiya has long provided reliable defense against harsh sunshine in Riyadh, KSA. However, in modern times, this ancient Islamic frame feature with its distinctive latticework is employed to decorate entire buildings in an Arab style, giving them a unique regional identity and acting as a cooling shade.

Get yourself an original piece of Mashrabiya

How wonderful is it to own a beautiful piece of Mashrabiya? Not just any ordinary decorative item but one that is completely customizable. With your perforated screens idea, you may do much more at Zouq Al-Khayal since our shop enables you to create your creative design and technical needs. Our decorative screens, which work well as dividers, wall decorations, or solid pieces of your layout, are among our most popular designs.

A gateway to high-quality Mashrabiya Design

  • Affordable prices:

We assist with projects across all perforated screen shades and try to stay within the client’s price range.

  • 24/7 support:

We are not just a regular shop where you make purchases. We handle all of our jobs with honesty and respect for our customer’s ideas. You may count on us from the initial screen design brief discussion through the last installation.

  • In-house production:

We do all of our mashrabiya production in-house, and our best designers and experts in the industry handle all of our tasks. To maintain a constant connection with our clients, we work consistently and deliberately to meet specific demands.

Are you thinking of purchasing or creating a Mashrabiya? At Zouq AL-Khayal Steel Company, we aim to create our ornamental panels the main attraction of any room or the ideal finishing touch to your area that needs greater impact. Our ornamental metal panels are centered on a unique design we hope to include in as many Riyadh homes as possible.

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